Peepo Birthday Cards – (5 PACK)


  • Pack of 5 Cards: Affordable and ideal for multiple celebrations, ensuring you always have a unique Peepo card on hand.
  • High-Quality Design: Printed on premium cardstock for a durable and long-lasting birthday memento.
  • Adorable Peepo Illustration: Each card features a fun and original Peepo design, perfect for all ages and Internet culture enthusiasts.
  • Blank Interior: Provides ample space for personalized birthday messages and heartfelt wishes.
  • Standard Size: Measuring 5×7 inches, fitting into standard A7 envelopes for easy mailing or hand-delivery.
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    Peepo Birthday Card (Pack of 5) – Affordable, Adorable, and Perfect for Every Celebration

    Celebrate your loved one’s special day with the Peepo Birthday Card Pack from PeepoParadise! This pack of 5 adorable cards is not only a perfect expression of joy and celebration but also a unique and cost-effective way to show your appreciation for the popular Peepo meme.

    Features and Benefits

    • High-Quality Design: Our Peepo Birthday Cards are printed on premium cardstock, ensuring durable and long-lasting mementos for the birthday celebrants.
    • Unique Peepo Illustration: Each card features an adorable, original Peepo illustration that captures the spirit of celebration and fun.
    • Interior Message: FeelsBirthdayMan is written inside, and with a mostly blank interior, you have plenty of space to write your heartfelt birthday wishes and messages.
    • Standard Size: Measuring 5×7 inches, the Peepo Birthday Cards fit into the provided A7 envelopes, making it easy to mail or hand-deliver.
    • Great for All Ages: These delightful cards are perfect for friends and family members of all ages who love Peepo and Internet culture.
    • Amazing Value: This pack of 5 cards offers a fantastic price, allowing you to save the cards for other people’s birthdays or share them with friends and family.

    Why Choose PeepoParadise?

    At PeepoParadise, we’re passionate about bringing joy to others through our unique and high-quality Peepo merchandise. We believe that gift-giving is more than just exchanging material goods – it’s a way of expressing love, appreciation, and gratitude.

    As a dedicated team of three, we are constantly working to expand our brand and offer you a wide range of Peepo-themed products. We’re committed to providing competitive prices and exceptional customer service to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

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