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What is a Vtuber?

Vtuber is short for Virtual YouTubers who connect with audiences using digital avatars rather than real individuals. Twitch vtubers are gaining more popularity, with the top twitch vtubers mentioned later in this article. These 2D or 3D avatars resemble wide-eyed anime characters with striking hair colours while their voices are supplied by their creator. Both vtubers and human youtubers create material that is similar, such as playing games, participating in viral trends, conducting interviews, or making story time videos. Vtubers aren’t limited to youtube, and have quickly found a standing and strong audience on the twitch platform.

How did it all begin?

Ami Yamato, a Japanese YouTuber residing in London, first released videos showcasing a three-dimensional avatar with Japanese characteristics in 2011. However, the word “vtuber” was established in 2016 after digital celebrity, Kizuna Ai amassed millions of  YouTube subscribers. The notion of virtual youtubers was already established in Japan, but during the pandemic as the number of people consuming digital content soared, the trend grew increasingly popular all over the world, and more vtubers began filming and streaming in English.

How are vtubers different from human youtubers and livestreamers?


Vtubers allow people to express themselves without having to reveal their identity and are still able to gain a mass following. Using motion trackers, the creators can record their movements, which are then translated onto an animated figure and finally projected on a background using a live stream. 

Specific Demographics

Vtubers are not everyone’s cup of tea. This is mainly because some people find it childish and prefer connecting with real people. They mostly appeal to anime enthusiasts who like the avatars’ brilliant colours and expressive features. 


The process of making a video differs for YouTubers and vtubers. A youtuber merely needs a microphone, good lighting, and a streaming app, whereas a vtuber needs digital tools to bring their avatar to life.  

Vtuber Appearance

Vtubers are vividly animated characters, typically with visual similarities between them. Here are a few Vtuber Avatars:

Vtuber Avatars

Why do most vtubers stream on Twitch?

The majority of vloggers prefer to live stream on Twitch, the biggest live-streaming website in the world, which attracts over 15 million monthly viewers in addition to its over 3 million monthly users!

Let’s examine what makes Twitch the top platform for virtual YouTubers.

Community-  In a sense, Twitch functions as a giant social media network where users may click on a channel and communicate with hundreds of others who share their interests. Furthermore, because the feed is live, you can watch the digital avatar’s reactions as they happen.

Extensions- Twitch provides a range of tools known as extensions that may be added for a variety of reasons, including mini-games, real-time gear information, and leaderboards.

Algorithm– In contrast to YouTube, where channels are ranked based on the number of shares and likes, Twitch’s algorithm is primarily concerned with viewership, thus the more people who watch a live stream, the higher it will appear in the search results. This makes it easier for new content creators to build a following.  

Monetization- Twitch provides a number of opportunities for users to monetize their channels and make some quick money through donations and ultimately an affiliate programme.

Bots- By replying to discussions, running polls, or accepting song requests, helpful bots help make the streaming experience for the audience enjoyable and engaging.

Top Vtubers on Twitch

With most popular vtubers on twitch like Ironmouse, Zentreya, Silvervale, Projekt Melody, CodeMiko, and Pokimane to mention a few, Twitch has grown significantly, and it seems like the vtuber mania is here to stay.

What is the future of virtual Youtubers?

Digital personas blur the line between reality and fiction, and with digital avatars amassing several followers, we are entering a new era of synthetic media. Here are a few ways vtubers are making an impact- 

Universalize Content

By using technologies to dub the avatars in regional languages, we are stepping into a future where virtual avatars will use technologies to make content production more inclusive. With technologies like AI dubbing instead of hiring people to redub the content, the avatars can be programmed to speak in a variety of languages, which reduces financial expenditures and also saves time.

Marketing Campaigns

Vtube creators are also used in marketing campaigns. The animated characters can promote fashion lines, music shows and even promote tourism. For instance, the municipal government of Japan created Hiyori Ibara, an avatar to promote tourism. vtubers may help companies in connecting with a younger audience. In fact, vtuber technology enhances the entertainment factor of any kind of content. 

So, how do I become a Vtuber?

Get the right technology

A good quality webcam, microphone and computer are essential to record and edit your videos. Start with what you have an you can then invest on better technology later. 

Design your avatar

There are various software tools available to help you build your digital avatar; take your time and try them all before deciding on one. Wakaru, Luppet,VRChat, and PrprLive are just a few examples. Using free applications is a terrific way to get started, however these models will be fairly basic; you may later opt to pay a premium for enhanced features.As a newbie, it is best to do your homework and watch tutorials on how to use motion capture to bring your avatar to life. High quality motion capture translates into more views and eventually more subscribers.

Alternatively, you could hire an artist to build an avatar for you based on your concept.In this case, you will not have to worry about all of the design specifics, but you will be paying for the artist’s time and technology.

Set up your channel

Make effective use of platforms such as Tiktok, Twitch, and Instagram. If you wish to grow as a vtuber, make YouTube your primary site, and distribute video snippets and links to your videos on other platforms.

Record your video

When recording your video, make sure there is no background noise and that your facial cam software is working properly; if the programme detects an empty frame, it may freeze your avatar until you return. Shooting test videos in various scenarios will give you a sense of how your avatar will act and will allow you to eliminate any faults or potential difficulties. Once you check all of these boxes you are good to go!

In this digital world, people are interested in an alternate reality with infinite possibilities and vtubers are just the beginning. 

Written by Anna Divya Benjamin

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