Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks – Grey


  • Soft and comfortable, made from 78% combed cotton
  • Durable blend of materials for long-lasting wear
  • Unique pixel peepo pattern for a fun touch
  • Versatile sizing: US 7-12, EU 40-46, UK 6.5-11.5
  • Perfect as a gift or for your own wardrobe
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    Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks – Your New Favorite Pair!

    Introducing the Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks – the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and cuteness! These delightful socks are designed for people who love unique patterns and appreciate high-quality materials. They are perfect for everyday wear or as a quirky gift for someone special.

    Colors & Pattern

    Choose from two eye-catching colors – Blue or Grey – to suit your style. Each pair of socks features an adorable pattern of different pixel peepos, adding a touch of fun and charm to your sock drawer.


    These versatile socks are designed to fit most feet comfortably, accommodating US shoe sizes 7-12. That’s approximately EU sizes 40-46 and UK sizes 6.5-11.5.

    Premium Material Blend

    Our Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks boast a high-quality fiber content of:

    • 78% Combed Cotton
    • 15% Polyester
    • 4% Nylon
    • 3% Elastane

    This optimal blend ensures maximum softness, breathability, and elasticity. The combed cotton provides a luxurious feel, while the polyester, nylon, and elastane ensure the socks maintain their shape and last for a long time.

    Why Choose Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks?

    1. Supreme Comfort – The combed cotton ensures a soft, cozy feel against your skin.
    2. Durability – The blend of materials guarantees a long-lasting sock that retains its shape and color.
    3. Unique Design – The pixel peepo pattern adds a fun and quirky touch to your wardrobe.
    4. Versatile Fit – Fits most feet, with sizes for US, EU, and UK customers.
    5. Perfect Gift – The charming design makes these socks an ideal gift for friends and family.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to own a pair of these delightful Pixel Peepo Combed Cotton Socks. Add them to your cart now and experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality!


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